count Alpen Pass. Photo Sketch

A Happy New Year.

Mysterious Charm, Czech Republic.
The building seen in Prague 10 years ago was a mysterious, full town like it was in the toy box.

Last year,we visited in the southern part of Czech Republic.
We surprised by the history.
"That small Principality of Liechtenstein was ruling land 33 times the home country until World War I from the 13th century. " "The World Heritage of the vast garden, the castle, and the church were built with the rich financial power." etc.

In addition, because socialism collapsed in 1989, and only about 17 years had passed, the serving attitude made us do a mysterious experience.

However, this village Pavlov, near Valtice & Lednice, it stopped for a moment. As for the private house in which it had dressed up by the flower of nature, I felt the charm of daily life just like that exceeded the change in World Heritage and the principle.

We wishes that this year become an attractive year for everybody.

T. & S. Kitamura. Jan. 1. 2007

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