count Alpen Pass. Photo Sketch

A Happy New Year.

In the village of William Tell.
Last year, We stayed Bürglen village in Switzerland for several days at Gastof Adler of construction in 1574,
and enjoyed the round of the surrounding in the mountain pass , hiking and the history .

Tell was born in around 1280 in this village.
Three states of Switzerland set up an independent oath on August 1, 1291.
He pierced an apple overhead of his son in Altdorf on November 18, 1307.
They resisted the misgovernment of Holy Roman Empire and magistrate Gesrar ・・・.

Such..make..story..hard..get over..fact..mix..Village..Switzerland..

Recently, "Imitation" and "Irresponsibility" event happen frequently, but, it will likely to be forgotten at once.

We wishs that this year become the age of "One step" of memories for everybody.

T. & S. Kitamura. Jan. 1. 2008

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