count Alpen Pass. Photo Sketch

A Happy New Year.

The bridge was built in the first century at B.C..
"Pont Saint Martin ,Ponte Romano" in Italy, Aosta.
The bridge was built by the wisdom and the sweat romanic people. And, the wonderful arch is very shown us, now 21st century.

How does this bridge at 41th century ?
Ground crumble, deluge, avalanche, heat wave, tornado, forest fire, and earthquake. Nature will break into this bridge one after another.

Surely, people's warm feelings and wisdoms will be poured into this bridge. And, children in the future will also look up at this great work.
If people can save the envirommental destruction of this earth.

We wish you a Merry Christmas & a Very Happy New Year.

T. & S. Kitamura. Jan. 1. 2006

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