back Mail from : Chalet Ermina:(2001.9.16)

From: "Ariane Giobellina" 
To: "T. & S. Kitamura" 
Subject: From Chalet Ermina
Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2001 12:15:28 +0200

Hello Toichi & Sachiko,
Thank you for your email. It's nice hearing from you again.
 Wonderful to hear you travel so much in Europe this summer !
And what a coincidence about you meeting Denis Pasche,
 I have known him for many years before he met his wife Keiko,
 and am still in contact with them. 
They have sent me clients from Japan !

Yes - it's a very small world !

Here everything is fine and the construction of the new chalet
 is going well.
It should be ready for December.
Here are a few pictures to show you the progress!

Love and peace

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