Nostalgic Water and Historic Town, Urayasu .
[AOBEKA story's Town]

Urayasu Town , many people will be reminded of The Tokyo Disenyland . But another face is the Yamamoto Sugoro's [Aobeka Monogatari= Blue boat Story]'s Town.

* The example of a course

Tozai Line Urayasu station or JR Shin-Urayasu station.
| (Bus, or on foot about 15 minutes)
Urayasu hometown museum.
| (about 10 minutes)
| walks along the side of a Sakaigawa river.
The old Otsuka family residence.
The old Udagawa family residence.
| (about 5 minutes).
Urayasu station. RETURN

* From Station to the museum: walking along old rows of houses.

When it gets off a train, the smell of the nostalgic sea will be fragrant.
It is better to walk along old rows of houses , although a bus is also good. The map is at the station front.

They are the wooden apartment from ancient times, the private house of a nostalgic wooden wall, a narrow alley, and the winding way there.
The residential street surrounded by the garden tree and the hydrangea.
When you walk, a river appears and it is the museum in one corner of a park.

* The Urayasu hometown museum.: An old life can be experienced.

In a main building and a theme exhibition room, the "sea", "fishery of Urayasu", "dried seaweed and a shellfish town ", "circulation of fishes", "Urayasu tei studio", etc. are exhibited in it. Outdoor "Urayasu town", there are "BEKA ship", "fisherman's house", "row-house", "tobacconist's shop", etc. in . Here, old life experience for living with the sea is made. Furthermore, manufacture demonstration of ship carpenters' tools and a BEKA ship etc. can be seen.

[BEKA ship & old row-house]
[manufacture demonstration of ship carpenters]


Address: 1-2-7, Nekozane, Urayasu-shi. Tel:047-305-4300 .
Charge: free.
Holiday: every Monday. the next day when Monday is a public holiday. next day of a public holiday. end-beginning-of-the-year. inside-a-hall arrangement day
Access:by bus from Tozai Line Urayasu station, or JR Line Shin-Urayasu station. to Shiyakusho-mae.
Parking: a hometown museum underground parking lot or a comprehensive parking lot

* Walks along the side of a Sakaigawa river.

The town Urayasu developed centering on this Sakai river. Because, it is since a ship is moored, it crowds in this shore gradually and it came to live in this river convenient for fishermen's fishing.

A writer Yamamoto Syugoro got interested in this small town like this Venice, and he got [Aobeka story] in 1928.

Now, the sluice was installed and the shore of the both sides of a river was also dandily protected with brick.
Images of those days are the ship moored and some old colorful private-house grades. In accordance with a Sakaigawa and flower passage, it goes to the upstream, looking at the group of canoe play and the young fish of a mullet.

[Sakaigawa river, a canoe, an old private house]

* The old Otsuka family residence,It was built in the Edo last stage.

This cultural property of a thatch roof is the house of a fishing and a farmhouse made in the Edo period last stage.
If it enters from the door facing Sakaigawa, indeed real fisherman and his daughter are welcome, then we'll want to saying "hello".

[The old Otsuka family residence: Life scene of those days]


address: 3-3-1, Horie, Urayasu-shi. and 3-4-8, Horie
tel: 047-351-1111 Urayasu City, education division
charge: free
opening time: 10:00 to 16:00
close day: every Monday, national holiday (when public holiday hits on Monday,closed also on the next day), and end & beginning-of-the-year
access:Tozai Line, on foot-from Urayasu station about 5 minutes

* The old Udagawa family residence,Merchant's family of the Meiji term.

It is the old merchant's family house, which was performing the rice, the oil, the miscellaneous goods, and the dry-goods store of the 1869(Meiji 2) construction.
Probably, the skylight of a lattice which faces a road had achieved the duty of a show window of those days.
The pillar of astringent gloss, furniture, and house structure feel the merit of history of Japan.

[The authentic Japanese style which feels nostalgia. The lattice which faced the passage is impressive.]

* Urayasu station

When finishing inspection, Urayasu station (Tozai Line) arrival across the bridge in Sakaigawa at on foot 5 minutes.

[Before the Urayasu station]